Monday, May 2, 2016

A Close Encounter in the Dark

At night, the area around my new home is full of nocturnal activity.  Raccoons climb up the trees, frogs croak near the creek, deer walk through the woods and coyotes howl every time a nearby train blows its horn.  One night, about two weeks ago, I was sitting by a fire I had lit about an hour before. By this time, the fire started dying down and the darkness began to creep over the yard again. Something told me that I wasn't alone. I thought I saw something come out of the woods across the street but what ever it was vanished.  Once it passed under a nearby street light, I identified my stalker.  Out of nowhere, a coyote came within at least 25 feet of where I was sitting.  I have seen coyotes all of my life and have grown to appreciate their high yips and howls late at night.  However, this experience was unlike any other I had witnessed. Shocked and somewhat frightened, I stood up to make my presence known. It looked at me and I looked at it for what seemed like the longest time. Then, it kept walking toward the trees to my right.  Knowing that it was coming closer with no sign of fear, I clapped and yelled.  It ran off and I never saw it again.

Most people would think that I am a wimp for reacting the way I did.  What sent a chill up my spine was that it wasn't afraid of me initially.  In all, at least my story provided entertainment for my parents.  Good thing it wasn't a mountain lion. I have heard people in the area saying that they have seen paw prints by the nearby creek that match those of mountain lions.   

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