Monday, May 2, 2016

Ending my first year of college

Well, another year has come and gone.  The only difference is that this year was my first year of college.  A lot has changed in the past year.  For one thing, I have grown more mature in light of having to schedule appointments for myself.  My parents have never met my teachers, so it is up to me to effectively communicate with my teachers if I have any questions or concerns.  Overall, I can say that I am quite satisfied with my first year as a college student.  Yes, there were hard times when I was slammed with school work like I never had been before and yes there were times when I just wanted to give up.  The thing is, that's all part of growing up and becoming an adult member of society.  If things were really easy, then everybody would do it.  College is not for everyone.  Some people would rather begin to work straight out of high school and others, like me, would rather go to college and sacrifice on a few things now and hopefully become successful later on and live a much more comfortable lifestyle according to today's standards.  I look forward to the beginning of my first semester as a college sophomore and cannot wait to see what the future of my college career has in store. 

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