Monday, May 2, 2016

If I had one million dollars

Imagine: I just won one million dollars! I'm so happy, I can't believe that I actually won something for once in my life.

Lets pretend that taxes don't exist and I had a million dollars cash in my hand. I have to ask myself what would I do with a million dollars?  

Here are a few things I would do with a million dollars: 

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  • Distribute equal portions to my family members
  • Invest some of it in stocks or mutual funds
  • Donate some to charity
  • Take a nice vacation
  • Buy a nice car that I can still afford even if I spent all of the money later on
  • Pay off any debts I have
  • Pay for all of my college
  • Buy a four wheeler or dirt bike. Better yet, buy a dune buggy
  • Get a lawyer
  • Save the rest

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