Monday, May 2, 2016

Time Travel

If time machines existed and you could go anywhere you wanted where would you go?  Would you take a trip to the past and visit your relatives or would you journey into the future and see how your decisions played out? As for myself, I would travel to the past and the future.

I would travel forward in time for the chance to see what my future holds.  While there, I would be able to see myself and determine whether I made good decisions or not.  It's crucial to never rush into anything, especially important life changing decisions.

Travelling back in time would of serve the purpose of seeing what was and what has developed because of something that happened.  In the past, I could see family members that died before I was born. I could also experience life before the use of addicting types of technology such as cell phones or computers.  Life was simple, period.  Travelling to the past would allow me to relax and see real events and talk to real people; not like today where everyone is on their phones, becoming more anti social despite the fact that they are communicating with other people continuously.  If only technology could make time travel possible!

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