Monday, May 2, 2016

Still waiting to move

I have been living with my grandparents for about a year and a half.  Although we have gotten along quite well, there are times when I wish I could snap my fingers and make our (my parents and sister) new house ready to move into.  One couldn't imagine the excitement that I feel right now as the final weeks of work approach.  What a great time of the year to move into a new home!

The last few months have been difficult at times.  Trying to balance my home life and college life has been the greatest challenge I have faced yet.  Sometimes I want to stay at school until the house is complete to prevent me from becoming distracted from my studies.  Other times, I wish I could work around the house all day and help out as much as I can.  Unfortunately, life is not that simple and I must suck it up and balance both my personal and academic lives.  It's hard to do this, however.  i don't really know anyone whom I can talk to about my struggle to stay focused when I am around so much chaos.

As I have learned through this journey, patience and perseverance are a must. If you don't have patience, the process will feel like it is going ten times slower.  Without perseverance, nothing will be accomplished.  To close, I want to tell those who may be in my current situation to never give up hope, welcome every new day as one day closer to achieving your goal (which in my case, is moving out of my grandparents), and stick close to your loved ones and encourage one another.        

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